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My most deviations are my cosplays, so you'll see me constantly be uploading and creating new outfits. I enjoy trying to capture my costumes in intriguing photos, all thanks to my great friends and photographers. Cosplay photos and tutorials make up most of my gallery, but you will also occasionally see my drawings here as well. My professional illustration work is viewable at erinwitzel. Thanks for stopping by! :heart:

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It’s a few months (4 MONTHS) after the con, and I’m finally sitting down to write this con report for AUSA. The latter half of 2014 was really hard on me, and although I had a really good time at the con, I was hit by a terrible onslaught of depression (which was building up prior) soon after. Therefore, not only could I not emotionally write this up at the time, I also wanted to be in a good headspace while doing so. So I put it off, forever. I’d be totally lying if I said I was any less depressed now (maybe slightly better overall… maybe??), but with Magfest, and now Katsucon, I don’t want a huge backlog of con reports. This is a weird problem to have, so here we go… 

Photo by kdoranphoto

Luckily I always write “notes” outlining each day at the con right afterwards (I take my con reports very seriously) so I can still write this in some detail, hahah. Though I may be more blunt/straightforward than usual because I don’t remember, and also to get it over with. At least there are pictures....


The Megabus ride down to DC was pretty terrible. The bus was late, and we were stuck in traffic for an hour barely out of Philadelphia. Then took the arduous pit stops in Newark, Delaware (laughs at Amanda) and Baltimore and FINALLY arrive by 10pm. Like a 5 hour bus ride, which is absurd. bluucircles (Amanda) and I grabbed dinner at the pub in the hotel and then continued working on cosplay things in the room. Eventually, sewthoughtful and Armen made their appearance! Then we all settled in for the night.


Friday morning Amanda and I get into Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Since we were just wearing their tracksuit outfits, it was super easy and comfy way to start the con (let's be real, all sports cosplay is easy to wear). We had a shoot with kdoranphoto(Kacie) who was super excitable and excellent as always! It would not be the last time shooting with her this weekend. 

Tsukiyama selfies <3

While hanging around the con, we met monobolical for the first time! We also ran into ceriene and katspaw, who we managed to run into multiple times during the weekend, A+. Janiekat(Jane), the last comer to the hotel room, arrived and Amanda and I changed to our next costumes (Amanda into Perona, and me into The Rising: Ivan). While Amanda was off shooting, Jane and I wandered and ended up at McDonalds. I am a pro fry-stealer, fyi. Back at the hotel, we stumbled upon Amanda at her shoot with Kacie, and tagged along a bit.

Ivan hiding in the backgrou-- no actually, just hair flipping at a photoshoot!
Weirdest crossover I've ever seen...

Eventually in the evening, Amanda and I changed /back/ into our tracksuits, but this time as Kageyama and Hinata! We met up with supitscarrie at the Noodle House and had good dinner times there. After dinner, while Amanda was busy being too in-character as Hinata, Jane and I hung out in the lobby, and stumbled upon a bunch of Haikyuu people there. It was quite a riot at times. When Amanda returned, she was sure to treat Jane like the trash king she is. After that it was time for bed.

Bluucircles treating Janiekat like the trash king that she is.
Friend selfies courtesy of Sorairo-days and Monobolical


Saturday morning, I changed into Kageyama (jersey uniform) for an intense morning/afternoon of good HQ times. First, I met up with sorairo-days (Sarah) as Hinata, and took some great shots with gqbravo. Then, we were joined by other members of Karasuno (and Nekoma, too!) and grabbed some more pictures! We even played a bit of volleyball, and when I say "play" I mean standing around in a circle poorly hitting the ball to each other. But I'm glad anytime I can play with a volleyball.

look at all these haikyuuties

Next I went to the shoot with Kacie, who shot with me, Amanda as Hinata, and Jane as Sugawara, for a solid 2 hours! Kacie was super prepared and brought a travel volleyball net, which we tied up to some posts outside. It made for some great shots in an unlikely place! 

God we are so fucking cute, I can't...
Behind the scenes photos of our shoots with KDoranPhoto and Sorairo-days, courtesy of bluucircles (let's be real, 90% of the photos in this post I stole from her)

We then filmed a bit for her video, which you can watch here. Eeeee, we're even the opening and closing scenes, cries a million times. I love shooting video. It's a bit nervewracking, because unlike photos, timing is everything, but the finished project is so much fun. You don't often get to see your own costume in action!? SO YEAH, go watch Kacie's video, you won't regret it!

Awkward photoshoot times where we had to scream "IT'S CANON" to innocent bypassers...

After filming, Jane ran off to a panel and Amanda and I finished up the shoot with our Kings outfits. Amanda was gracious enough to make my cape for me!! It's so fluffy and regal, I hope to use it again. So can we talk about how amazing Kacie is for capturing the "controlling king no longer" scene perfect on camera AND video??? Because, I could talk about it all day. (opening photo to this post)

Click here to watch KDoranPhoto's video!!

Midday, Amanda and I put some last minute touches on our Eureka 7 costumes and then got ready for our shoot with sorairo-days! The shoot was great and fun and WE LOOKED SO ANIMU. Sarah did a fabulous job capturing the beautiful light we had. After finishing with Sarah, we shot with zeronxepher, who also got some super duper cute pics of us!

Pre-photoshoot selfie, I love all our faces~~
I don't even know what I'm doing.... (these are cute mittens Sewthoughtful bought!!)

After our E7 shoots were done, we headed back to the hotel room [lol] to change into dance party!Rei and Nagisa (one of our go-to fun nighttime cosplays to wear, apparently). Then we joined barnabunbun, Zach, tangledinbluecosplay, Janiekat, and co. for dinner at the bar restaurant in the hotel. I'm so glad I wrote down what I ate, because the beef mignonettes were fucking delicious and so was the brownie dessert. Much needed food, for sure. Anyway, it was a nice dinner with everyone.

This is about when I realized I am to the right side of Amanda in literally EVERY selfie we take together, and I don't even know what that means...

Then, Amanda and I wandered around with Jane to take a few pics, and then ran into grandemagnifico and co. Then we hung around with amecandy, who was a pleasure meeting this con! It was a silly night. Back at the hotel room, it was a bit of packing before turning in for the night.

Saturday night begins...
Saturday night intensifies???
What is Saturday night, even?


Sunday morning was a lazy morning [lol] but after finally getting up, it was time to finish packing and get into costume. Amanda and I wore our KageHina track suits again for easy Sunday cosplay. After meeting with Jane to pack up the car, Amanda and I hit up the Artist Alley and Dealer's Room, which we hadn't really gotten to all weekend. 

Then we met up with skwinkyvintage-aerith, and skeletim, who were visiting for the day, and hung out with a bunch of us outside on the lawn. Then we went to Chipotle with various folks and ate outside since the restaurant was full (there was a bee that wouldn't leave this one person alone, it was sad!!) 

After lunch, it was mostly wandering around and saying goodbyes!! And so the weekend came to a close~ And it was time to return to real life, which hit HARD.

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So 2014 is finally over. Good riddance, hahah. It started with some intense cosplay work. In fact, I was too busy working on Origami Cyclone to even write a year review for 2013 at the time, hahah. Amongst the usual cosplay routine, I continued my hunt for a house to buy, and finally got one and moved-in in October. It was very scary and stressful, but even before closing on the house, I had many hardships slapping me in the face. These external events basically really took a toll and lead me straight into serious deep depression in the latter half of the year. I was (and still am maybe?) very mentally and emotionally unstable and spend most of my time incapacitated with tears. In short, not a fun time. I have many internal struggles to overcome, and I hope I can find the strength in 2015 to battle some of my inner demons with more fortitude. So, if nothing else, I want to start the new year off on a good note. 

A Year of Cosplay
You can see my cosplay review of 2014 in this deviation. I accomplished a dream costume (that actually still needs some work, haha), and spend the rest of my time having fun with friends. I don’t think I leveled up my game or anything this year, but as long as I enjoyed myself, that’s a success-- and as far as cosplay goes, I did have a good time.

New Year's Resolutions
I usually fail hard at resolutions and gave up even pretending to set any. But this year, besides tying to get into a better mindset (aka not depressed 24/7), I want to draw more. A busy full-time job life leaves little time to do much, let alone when you spend most of your creative energy on cosplay. Thus, I don’t draw nearly as much as I’d like. And between wanting to drawing in two styles (simplistic illustration vs. ‘anime’), it’s hard to progress at either. But I ironically and unintentionally welcomed in the new year by looking at my plethora of art books. I’m hoping that’s some weird sign and also a spark of inspiration to make more art.

Getting Old 
My birthday is very soon and basically I want to cry, hahah. But no really, every birthday just makes me question where I am with my life and where I should be going.

First Conventions of 2015
I’ll be attending MAGFest this year in January, which should be pretty low-key. After that it’ll soon be time for Katsucon.

Thank you!
Thanks to my followers for finding interest in my work. And especially thanks to those strangers who offered kind words (albeit on tumblr, not here) during some of my darkest moments this year. It’s always kind of astounding when people you don’t know extend a hand of kindness. And thank you to my friends who have put up with me this whole time, too.

Find me on the web
Here are a few other places you can find cosplay things from me, in case you didn't know!:

ACP: American Cosplay Paradise | where I end up posting the most pictures
Tumblr Cosplay Blog | where I post WIPs and tutorials
World Cosplay | just because

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Recapping my weekend from last month! A group of us Digi-friends celebrated Odaiba Day together, and then there were Haikyuu times. It was a very nice weekend, though it felt incredibly too short!!

Read or skim, if you please!



Friday August 1
After work, I made my way to the bus station like I always do. I waited there for what seemed like forever since the bus was an hour late. I was pretty fed up with all the traveling since I just really wanted to be there, haha. Finally by 10ish, I made it to bluucircles 's place. Amanda, Yan, and I watched the premiere episode of the new Gravity Falls season, which certainly did not disappoint! Soon after, supitscarrie arrived, and we all chatted and watched American Ninja Warrior (which was pretty captivating to me, hahah) for a few hours before we settled down for the night.

We all leisurely got up in the morning to get ready for our Odaiba Day celebration. The actual Odaiba Day date (Aug 1st) was the day before, but the weekend really was the only time we could all gather for fun times. Odaiba Day is the anniversary of when the kids in Digimon Adventure were first brought into the Digital World in 1999. This year was extra special, as it's the 15th anniversary of that day-- 15 YEARS of Digimon. It was very nostalgic for all of us who grew up on Digimon, especially after they announced that there's going to be a new series next year with the original characters!

So yeah, a month or so in advance, we all decided we wanted to celebrate together, and have like a picnic in Central Park. Unfortunately, the weather in the morning was kinda rainy and gross, so we decided to skip the park and everyone just joined us at Amanda's place instead.

Around 10:30, lizasinger joined us, dressed as 02 Mimi, and Amanda, Carrie and I slowly got into our Tamers costumes. Gotta celebrate Odaiba Day in costume, amirite? Around 1PM, barnabunbun and Strawberryboba arrived (as 02 TK and Kari!) and thus our celebration officially begun! We had a potluck of goodies to eat. I made some macarons for the occasion, and the other yummy things included hoagies, pasta salad, onigiri, daifuku, fruit, brownies, and starfruit iced tea. Everything was so yummy! We put on the American Digimon movie (which is a mash-up of three separate Japanese movies, thus really bad) that we all grew up on as kids. And of course, there was lots of talk about Digimon in general!

Around 4:30, we headed out to the local park to take some quick photos of all of us together. Soon after we got there, these high school girls came up to us and asked what we were doing (aka. why we were wearing what we were wearing). We gave them the usual vague answer of "a school project" in hopes of avoiding further interaction. This is how cosplaying in public goes sometimes, sigh. BUT they continued following us and two of them even stood nearby and watched us take pictures. As if it couldn't get worse, when we left, they said goodbye to us!? Hahah, we just hope they were pathetically bored to passively harass us like that. Unfortunately this kind of stuff can happen sometimes and you just gotta ignore it.

Enjoy the obnoxiously bright color palette of the Digimon kids!


Now for the Tamers crew!

Anyway yes, we grabbed some quick pictures and after dropping Carrie off at the train station, we returned back to the apartment. Yan was back from work, and so we all hung around and chatted until Liza, Stef, and Manda had to leave. Yan left for a party shortly after, so Amanda and I went to town on gay sports anime, hahah.

We watched the latest episode of Free! which I hadn't gotten to watching that week yet. We also watched a bunch of Haikyuu, because we're losers like that. I think we watched the latest episode because I also hadn't had time to watch that prior either and then starting watching from the beginning. Amanda reads the manga, but hadn't seen the anime yet at that point. It was a good time watching our favorite doofuses. She also showed my the first episode or so of Polar Bear Cafe, which was kinda strange but cute, hahah. All the meantime, we ate leftovers from earlier in the day. When Yan returned, we watched Space Dandy and Barakamon, neither of which I had seen before, but were enjoyable. Soon after it was bedtime!

In the morning, Amanda wasn't feeling well because of the nightlong pain from the excessive amount of macarons she ate :C (No more macarons for you) The only way to make light of the situation was to joke that she was just like Hinata and his sensitive stomach. Luckily, she felt well enough by the time we were getting ready for our shoot.

So, like three days prior to the weekend, Amanda told me about a fanart/cosplay contest that Crunchyroll was hosting-- to dress up as your favorite Haikyuu characters in clothes they'd wear everyday. She should have known that getting the idea in my head meant that I would indeed want to make it happen (I'm stubborn like that). So, we both basically dropped everything and went out to find outfits for our boys so we could shoot it that weekend when I was already visiting. It would be the first time cosplaying Kageyama and Hinata together! We were also blessed that Kiyasea agreed the morning of to come out and take pictures of us!

So around noon-ish after Cassi arrived, we walked over to the park. We took some pictures with the fancy new volleyball me, Amanda, and janiekat pitched in for, because Haikyuu is important enough to us for warrant a $60 ball, lmao.


We took some bench shots, but not for too long, because I don't wanna be on the bench, I wanna be on the court!!


Volleyball seflies

We also got a couple of super kawaii shots because we're lame like that and like doing laying-in-the-grass shots far too much. See more the shoot here.


super gaaaaay

When we were done at the park, Yan graciously came to pick us up. Back at the apartment, we had one other idea for some photos-- playing video games together! So Amanda put on one of the Jojo fighting games, and Cassi took pictures as we were legitimately playing. (With all my key-smashing I managed to win, which was pretty satisfying, lol ;D)


they are competitive at everything they do >;D

Finally, it was approaching the when I had to head out, so I finished packing and got out of costume. It was a really fun weekend, but it was still really hard leaving! :C Luckily I had Cassi for part of the subway ride back into Manhattan, and then I made the rest of the journey home.

It was really great to celebrate Odaiba Day with my fellow Digi-dorks, as Digimon is one of those things that deeply bond us together. What I mean is, Digimon is really important to those of us who grew up on it. And it's definitely something to be shared with fellow "Digidestineds"! I'm glad a bunch of my friends were able to make it, even though some couldn't!

And then, Haikyuu... It was a last minute addition to the weekend, but so so good. We just talk about Haikyuu literally everyday, so there's a lot of Kagehina in our future :'D


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