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My most deviations are my cosplays, so you'll see me constantly be uploading and creating new outfits. I enjoy trying to capture my costumes in intriguing photos, all thanks to my great friends and photographers. Cosplay photos and tutorials make up most of my gallery, but you will also occasionally see my drawings here as well. My professional illustration work is viewable at erinwitzel. Thanks for stopping by! :heart:

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Wow, I'm terribly late on this one. Real adult life has totally gotten in the way of cosplay recently, and that includes writing con reports. Luckily I always "take notes" after the con so I can still remember the details of what happened hahah.

Read or skim if you wanna <3

Thursday, June 5th

After work on Thursday, I went home, ate some dinner, and then hit the road up to New Jersey. I arrived at the hotel around 9PM, and checked in, as I was the first one there. (Checking in was a process because they had to move our room after I already started unloading my stuff, womp). Not long after, sewthoughtful/KisaSteph arrived, followed by Janiekat  and her friend fenihel, and later bluucircles. We all chit-chatted for a while, then JanieKat, Bluucircles and I stayed up until like 4AM working on cosplay things for the next day!


In the morning we got up around 9-10, and started leisurely getting ready. We had some visitors, including  Kiyasea/FelicisRook, pincushioned and lasersinger, while we were finishing getting into costume. Bluucircles and I were gearing up in Attack on Titan uniforms, which is always a process, haha. We headed off to the con when we were ready, quickly stopped to pick up badges, and then hung outside for a little while with everyone.


Looks like Hanji had to drag Heichou to the con, he doesn't look too pleased to be there.

Bluucircles and I then headed to the Artist Alley and chatted it up with Skwinky for a while. We ran into barnabunbun/TehChibi, Zach, baronvonblitzstraylight-02 and tangledin-blue in the AA, but somehow that was the only time we saw them the whole weekend? How is that possible. After the AA, we all hung around outside again. The weather on Friday that the nicest all weekend.


Awesome is right. Awesome roommates right here!

After we had enough of Attack on Titan (we had plans to do a forest photoshoot later in the month, so we didn't feel obligated to wear them for long), Bluucircles and I changed into dance club Free! Just two weeks before the con, Bluucircles told me she was buying the jacket for Nagisa and I, of course, couldn't live with myself if I wasn't Rei to match, hahah. (I've always wanted to do that version too) We somehow managed to get everything in time for the con!


dance time~~

We went to the Dealer's Room for bit and eventually went to T.K.'s Pub in the hotel for dinner with KisaSteph and Janiekat. NOW... last year, a bunch of us went there and everyone except me ordered chicken tenders. I was determined to not have that happen again, except IT DID. I can't. How does this keep happening, you guys and your chicken tenders... lol. When we were finishing up, Mostflogged, Lovejoker, Kistunedolly, ThisCoolIRL, Ju$tin and company found us at our table and sat and chatted for a while. We then left to go on adventures (they were dressed in Naruto, so adventures were only natural).

After wandering around for a bit, we ended up sitting and talking on the red dock, which consisted of bullfrog noises, headstands, and more. At one point we thought a policeman with a flashlight was coming, so we left, but nope... it was just a cosplayer. We then continued hanging out inside. Eventually we headed back to the hotel, and there may or may not have been Reigisa cuddletimes before going to bed.




In the morning, we got up around 9 to get into our Free! cosplays. Besides the three of us in the room (me, Bluucircles and JanieKat) cosplaying in the group, there was shinjaninja and her friend shslkpop. We decided to have the shoot at the pool at our hotel, which was a great idea because it wasn't very crowded!


Someone was spying on our shoot with FelicisRook, heheh >;D

cafe-lalonde/Vintage-Aerith was our photographer, as well as FelicisRook. It was very sunny out but the shoot was so much fun. Basically us all acting like a bunch of goofballs. Here are some precious outtakes from the shoot...


the best shoot ever


Free! Willy (get it?)

We ended the shoot with a "jumping into the pool" shot. We had one chance to get the shot, and the photo Vintage-Aerith got was perfect! It was so worth it even though we got totally soaked.


Make us free na splash~~

We hung around to dry off for a while, and psychedelicpaprika came to join us. At one point she asked someone to dare her to jump onto the whale float into the pool. Well, she did it. Or at least tried. She immediately fell off the float and into the water. It was probably the funniest thing all weekend.


PsychedelicPaprika just going for a little swim....

After pool-times, we parted ways with the others and went up to our room to get changed. I changed into Kageyama, Bluucircles in dance!Nagisa, and JanieKat into Olivia from Fire Emblem.


King of the Court!?!?

We headed to the con and I almost immediately got stopped by an Astrid cosplayer who asked me if I wanted to set the ball back and forth to each other. I'm not an athlete really but I LOVE playing games like soccer and volleyball, so I said yes. Of course this year someone SET UP A VOLLEYBALL NET which I already had freaked out about earlier in the weekend. A few other people ended up asking if we were starting a game, and well, then it happened!


That time when Kageyama and Astrid crossed paths and started a volleyball game

I then ended up playing volleyball for like 3 hours! A lot of people joined, and even as people came and left, we continually ended up with more and more people playing... which actually made it rather hard to play when there's like 20 people on each side. But we weren't playing for real and didn't keep score, so it was still fun. Even when the other side was entirely made of guys who aggressively were spiking the ball, haaa... and even when my ball end into the pond TWICE. I had said after the first time it happened that if it happened again I was leaving, and when it did happen the second time, I was about ready to leave anyway. (I needed the ball for my costume, for one) It was hard because, since it was my ball, I couldn't come and go like everyone else. But I also couldn't play FOREVER. Luckily, when I left, someone else had a ball to play with.


Adding this pic that KouichiKimuras took of Bluucircles and I together since now she's into Haikyuu, so I can rub in her face >:D

Around 5:30, Bluucircles and I headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit. I then changed back into dance!Rei, and around 8 o'clock, KisaSteph, JanieKat, Bluucircles and I went out to get dinner.

We met with Lovejoker, Kitsunedolly, and BlankoCosplay at the local shopping center where we decided to go to the Italian restaurant.


Saturday night dinner with good company <3

After dinner, we drove back to the hotel and soon after headed back to the con center. We hung around with a bunch of people, when I eventually had a mental breakdown (which is becoming an annual thing for me at ANext, it seems) and had to go back to the hotel. Ummm yeah. It's been so much time since then while writing this that I'm not going to go into it anymore than that, but yeah, that was awful.


After waking up and packing things, I changed into Tsukishima for another day of Haikyuu!. ANext is all about comfy costumes for me, and I had newly gotten into Haikyuu, so it worked out. After packing the car, and I headed over to the con with JanieKat and Fenihel.


First thing in the morning I ran into my fellow teammates, Bleeply and Takohai!

I then met up with reprised, who was Kageyama, to shoot with her friend DarkAlchemy Photography. We kind of really lucked out that someone set up the volleyball net, because we used it for our shoot! It was drooping a lot from two days of rigorous play, which in a way was an advantage for us because it was easier to reach over the net. It was fun jumping and hitting the ball for pictures, and I even got from volleyball tips, hahah.

We then moved to the basketball court for some more shots. Naturally there were a bunch of Kuroko no Basuke cosplayers there, haha. After we finished shooting, we just played with the volleyball for a little bit! Good times.


Basically the best summary of this shoot

It was then midday, and we had plans to do the annual post-con Sonic run, I headed back to the hotel and changed out of costume and then drove over to the nearby Sonic. About half the people were there and more filtered in after I arrived. I actually had never been to a Sonic, so it was my first time! I enjoyed the food and there were about 20 of us there hogging up two of the picnic tables, hahah. Since it was Bluucircles's birthday, they had gotten her a piñata to smash. It was hilarious to watch her swing the bat blindfolded, but she did good!

After hanging around for a while, everyone started heading out one after another. Around 6, I headed out for the 2-hour drive home. I was pretty exhausted when I got home and also got bad sunburn on my forearms, but overall it was a very successful con weekend! I like ANext a lot because it's very easy and close-by, so I have very little reason not to go.


Thanks to the best roomies! Let's do it AGAIN next year for yet another ANext together!

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